Excursions / Stays in Spain…

   from September 15 to April 15

Our Excursions and Stays in Spain

A land of contrasts with Switzerland, it was a daring move. Josep is determined to help visitors discover his homeland, Catalonia. Whether on the coast, inland or in the mountains, Catalonia has a thousand faces…. Come and discover them!

A tour of Catalonia from north to south, passing through the interior to discover its well-kept secrets… the monasteries, the gay towers, the immense fields of flowers, the vineyards, the olive trees, the almond trees, the chain forests and the stone mountains. Did you know that there are even deserts in Catalonia?

e-happy flowers

From 2 to 24 March 2024, Anima Bikes offers you 4 daily VAE Trekking excursions through the flowery landscape of the village of Aitona that will captivate all your senses, both visual, olfactory and physical. You will come back enchanted by this unforgettable route.

The price includes the rental of the electric bicycle, the guide and the helmet.

Camera essential!

The secret Catalonia of the interior

A view from the inside, of calm and serenity, will change your mind about Spain, which is generally so noisy and so festive…


Extraordinary panoramas in the Sierra de Montsec and heading towards the Monégros desert then finally to the Bardénas desert…a waking dream!